Google Cloud Platform

Data Piper is a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

Data Piper now also has partner expertise in Anthos: Hybrid/Multi-Cloud App Platform

Our Expertise

Google Cloud Compute

Google Cloud Analytics

Data Lake Modernization

Streaming Data Analytics

Data Warehouse Modernization

Cloud Native Application Development


VM Migration

Modernize Legacy Applications

Enterprise BI solution


Cloud Foundations & DevOps

Build a secure reliable DevOps enabled foundation on Google Cloud


Secure and Compliant

Map years or even decades of security and compliance policy to your Google Cloud environment.

Granular Access Control

Ensure everyone has only the access they need to do their job by creating granular permissions and custom IAM roles.

Terraform Automation

Organize everything into Terraform repos and integrate the new environment into existing CI/CD tooling.


Cloud Migrations

Access a full range of Migration Services to help accelerate your timeline and reduce risk

Discovery and Assessment

We actively participate in reviewing your goals, technology, and existing processes. Rather than just give you an automated readout from a scanner, we take the time to carry out a thoughtful review.

Cloud Migration Planning

Based on the discovery input, we develop a comprehensive plan to get you to the Cloud. Service by service, application by application.

Cloud Migration Execution

Our experts work hands-on with your teams to execute your Cloud Migration plan. Whether you are doing a simple lift and shift or a full transformation, we have the hands on experience needed to guarantee your success.

Data & Smart Analytics

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Enterprise Data Governance

Ensure that your data is not only easily accessible and usable, but credible, compliant, and secure. Model and define your data to be a single source of truth.

Self-Service BI

Enable even non-technical users to explore your data and optimize decision-making across your organization. Remove bottlenecks and allow your BI team to focus on new insights.

Automate Everything

Alert your teams when key metrics change. Integrate your data into your workflows, triggering actions across countless supported APIs.

GCP Case studies


Provided logical data architecture for hybrid Cloud solutions with GCP. End-to-end data management for capturing, storing, processing and analyzing structured/unstructured data (Images, Videos, LIDAR etc).

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Reviewed and re-architected overly complex network architectures (multi-vpc with multiple peers and transits). Reworked synthetic monitoring architectures leveraging Cloud Functions and PubSub.

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Infrastructure automation

Enable infrastructure migration to Cloud using terraform and ansible while maintaining the security standards for large Hi-tech company

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DevOps Automation

Automated release pipelines using Jenkins and Git reducing manual efforts and enhancing speed to general availability of product

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