What We Do

We’re passionate about data engineering, data science, and advanced analytics. As a Databricks partner with over 75 Databricks-dedicated consultants, we build end-to-end solutions that will empower you to gain more value from your data.

Databricks Jumpstart Workshops

  • Jumpstart Workshop : 1 Day Pros and Cons
  • Strategy and Architecture Workshop : 3 Days Ref Architecture
  • Art of the Possible Workshop : 1 Week POC

Databricks Financial Management

  • Billing data integration for Multi cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP) with DBU
  • Databricks Cost Optimization through Lake View
  • Billing dashboard for cost transparency

Databricks Enterprise Security & Networking

  • Architecture and integration analysis and implementation
  • Secure, Performant, and Reliable cloud and hybrid connectivity, data access design and implementation; HIPAA, FedRAMP, PCI, etc
  • Startup to Global scale secure/perf intra, B2B, and B2C solutions

Databricks AI & MLOPs Engineering

  • Prompt Engineering & tuning
  • GenAI development strategy
  • Retrieval augmented generation with LLM
  • AI Model selection
  • MLOps to create automated ML pipelines using MLFlow

Databricks Data Engineering

  • Data Ingestion to Delta Lake
  • Building Data pipelines using Delta live tables
  • Workflow orchestration for diverse datasets
  • Data governance using unity catalog.
  • Data Visualization to monitor health and performance of production workloads

DataOps on Databricks Lakehouse

  • Track the entire data journey through Databricks unity Catalog & DLT
  • Manage and update AI/ML models though MLFlow
  • Manage lineage and dataset access through unity catalog

Case Studies

Datapiper has delivered 50+ projects under GCP PSO and through Direct MSA in last 5 years here some sample case studies specific to Databricks to showcase the type of work we do for our clients

Customer 360

Client: Large Tech company - Build customer 360 by combining data from sfdc, netsuite and platform usage using Databricks and Tableau.

Consumption Analytics

Client : AI Opd Tech - Correlate customer and contracts data with usage data to derive consumption analysis by product, instance, contract , customer and region. Provide recommendations on upsell and churn.

Service Analytics

Client: Saas (Biotech)- Used Databricks pyspark to extract service and support data from CRM & Financialforce apps. Build the insights on customer journey and recommendations of training and services.

Sales Forecast Analytics

Client : Tech company - Combined data from CRM, Clari, Anaplan and google sheets to drive the combined forecast for commit and consumption business insights.

PeopleOps analytics

Client: Devops Tech - Leverage data from HCM, Anaplan and ATS to build headcount, hiring and performance analysis across the company.

Migration from Redshift

Client : Robotics & Technology - Data extraction and processing using Databricks. ML Flow used to orchestrate the model building. DW is implemented on snowflake for analytics purpose to upload data using snowpipe.